Welcome to Lobster and swan. The place where I like to share all the things that warm my heart, from favourite recipes and decorating ideas to daily discoveries and inspirations. I have been interior styling obsessed since happy childhood days spent playing in my treasure filled wendy house. The things I held dear even then were many years older than me, from the box filled with my great grandmother’s old lip tints and powder compacts to the ancient and moth eaten ballet tutu I refused to take off. I grew up and still live on the east sussex coast of England with the magnificent countryside as my playground. Family visits to nearby historical towns, manor houses, castles and National trust parks have strengthened the strong passion I have for the past and bygone eras.

My college days were spent studying Graphic design and design communication, this is where aesthetics really started to interest me. I was always slipping out of class to see what was going on in the craft and fashion departments, much more fascinated with a hands on approach to design than computer based. It was during my study breaks where I also developed my obsession with the beautiful pages of Vogue and Elle decoration.

I live to make my (and hopefully your) surroundings a happier more beautiful place. By taking pleasure in the simple joys of everyday life and the theatre and wonder of some things that may be out of our reach but are delightful never the less.

I would like to thank some lovely online friends for inviting me to guest post and featuring me Dujour Magazine The handmade issue, Melissa Loves, Coquette and Dove, Neet magazine, Unicorn Dream Magazine issue 2 (page 90). Desquval Magazine, Times online (no 18)

I love to hear from you, to find out what makes your day and any creative endeavours that you are involved in or just to say hello.