Rug and Flooring InspirationWith my darling kitty’s racing about the place indoors and out, the husband digging up the garden metre by metre, and me throwing glitter and fabric everywhere most days, thoughts of cream carpets like we had in our old place are far from realistic, and with the discovery of pretty decent floorboards underneath the laminate we have taken up, I am thinking rugs and mats are the way forward.Designers Guild at John LewisI have gathered together a collection to suit all rooms from John Lewis today. A fantastic mix of florals, patterns, traditionals and moderns, that will lend a cosy feel underfoot over tiled, brick or wooden floors. I am undecided on colours and patterns, but the Designers Guild Tasuki Rug in Cobalt is a front runner for now, and the florals are just for you as the husband is frowning at me from across the table!

Rug and Flooring Inspiration

Rug Inspiration from John LewisLeft to right Column 1 – Designers Guild Tasuki Rug, Cobalt, Aubusson Rug Beige and grey, John Lewis Sheepskin Rug- Ivory, Sanderson Midsummer Rose Rug.

Column 2 – Karajeh Runner, John Lewis Cow Hide Dark Natural, John Lewis Value Colourburst Rug, Designers Guild Ophelia Rug, John Lewis Savannah Mat – Charcoal.

Column 3 – Bluebellgray Cait Rug, Designers Guild Guiliano Rug, John Lewis Sheepskin Rug – Black, Scion Patch Rug, green.

All product images from John Lewis. Other image credits Top left – pinterest here and here, Middle left and right – John Lewis, Bottom pinterest here and here.


  1. Louisa says:

    Lovely post. Your blog always puts a smile on my face.

  2. The Office Stylist says:

    SO in love with the floral rug + chevron striped chair! Two amazing trends in one!

    –Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  3. I am so in love with that cobalt blue rug from Designers Guild – I clocked it a while ago but sadly don’t have the ££. #oneday
    Lovely post as always, peg x

  4. peg says:

    I am so in love with that cobalt blue rug from Designers Guild – I clocked it a while ago but sadly don’t have the ££. #oneday

  5. Liz says:

    Oh, ermm, I admit I love the Sandersons’ Midsummer Rose – all those swirly pinks and Englishness to remind me of ‘ol ‘Blighty’ from my home in the Med! But, even though we can get J Lewis goods here now (at some price for delivery), I fear my men folk would veto the florals too. I do love them, but will stick to the odd dress to indulge floral patterns. A smile on my face indeed your post brought, as we enter a very hot holiday weekend here in Malta, with me counting the hot days (14 now) til I visit England (and may be pop for some window shopping only sadly, in J Lewis). The one shop I’ve always missed here…

  6. fenn says:

    RUGS are like my current obsession, and these are beauties!!! my favourite is in the 6th photo, gorgeous colours & patterns!

    thanks for sharing :)


  7. Jeska says:

    Thank you Liz, the husband is living in fear of one of my floral outburst haha!

  8. Jeska says:

    Me too Peg!

  9. Jeska says:

    Mine too Sarah, so many good ones I’m finding it hard to choose :)

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