Interior details

Just here, loving home. Magazines, movies, Autumn sun and quiet time. Enjoying being alone, lucky for me as the husband has gone again, this time to Texas. Well not totally alone I have my four leggers here by my side in which ever room I choose to settle in, and an awesome sister who should arrive with the vital components for a dinner at any minute x

4 Responses to “HERE”

  1. sounds lovely!!!! I love being at home, my favorite place.

  2. jenny says:

    Love the cable knitted cushion. Is it handmade?

  3. Jeska says:

    Look it right, Jenny? My mum is a master knitter but me not so much! It is actually from Laura Ashley

  4. It’s such a wonderful thing, being home. I wish I had more time to enjoy our new home, as we’ve made a lot of progress. It feels like a real home now! Love the cable knit cushion!

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