pink, mood board, collage. pinterestOne more for the road, Happy weekend!

Favourites from my Pretty in Pink board over at Pinterest. Love how an image can strike my heart so much, I pin it twice without realising! xxx

8 Responses to “WEEKEND COLOURS”

  1. Lovely. Need to start following you on Pinterest ASAP!

  2. You have impeccable taste. Love it!

  3. theaxx says:

    oooh yes, I think I’m in a pink phase too :)


  4. Kat says:

    These links are just scrumptious!
    I haven’t been on pinterest for a bit.
    But yes, I know what you mean about double pinning!
    I sometimes repin something that comes up, that someone I follow
    has just pinned from my boards!
    Kat x

  5. sam says:

    Love your pretty in pink board! Inspiring in spring and uplifting in the depths of winter :)

  6. Helen says:

    I double pin all the time too.

    Lovely pink inspiration – the parrot is cool.

  7. nicole says:

    i am so thrilled that you put a link to your Pinterest boards! now i’ll be busy all eve :) oxo

  8. hing says:

    hopping over to pinterest! :) thanks for the inspiration!

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