After years of indecision I have finally found a pair of sun glasses I want to commit to. These vintage style Key Largo frames (top) from Rock Optica. I got them in classic black and quartz with a graduated tint. Designed by Tom Herrington (bottom picture, black tie) and modelled in tortoiseshell by the beautiful Katherine, remember I posted about her hats earlier this year? I can’t wait to pick them up next week. No more sunshine headaches, my eyes will finally thank me and the crows feet may be halted for a while?

All images Rock Optica.

9 Responses to “KEY LARGO”

  1. Kat says:

    They’re exquisite and timeless
    I’m sure you will look amazing in them J
    Love kat x

  2. nancy s says:

    oh, you have been my homepage for awhile now and I don’t evem mind when the page isn’t updated because your images are so beautiful! I LOVE these shades; very classic and lovely, thanks!! (and, I repinned the heck out of your pink board, once I found it, because I’d already been wanting to climb right into it, for days!)

  3. jamie-lee says:

    They look amazing, and definitely a timeless frame. I’m sure they will look great on you :)

  4. fabulous sun glasses, its so hard to get just the right pair.

  5. These are gorgeous! As is the photo of Katherine in that hat. Lovely. I’ve been wearing the classic Ray-Ban style in “tortoise-shell” (they’re cheap from Target, so certainly not real tortoiseshell), and love them on my face. A little class from the tortoiseshell, and a little play from the frame. This frame, though, makes me think about switching it up!

  6. Kat says:

    Miss your posting hun, hope things are ok
    And you’re just a busy bee at the mo
    xox kat

  7. I love them! So modern yet classic!

  8. Suzanne Quinn says:

    Hello. Love the Key Largos. I emailed to see if I can buy them and have them to me in the US. Thought I would ask you as well if you know if they have acquired any stockists here…
    Love your blog – thank you!
    Suzanne Quinn

  9. Elizabeth says:

    ooh, good choice. they are lovely. I haven’t come across this brand before either so thanks for the recommendation! I have sunglass envy now ;-)

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