Hello, I hope you have had a good day? We have been to Rye, found the perfect mirror and searched through the lovely perfume collection at Violetta for ‘The One’. Drank some coffee, grabbed a cupcake then back on the road to visit family, leaving them just in time for a sunset drive along the coast road. Will Sunday be just as good?So I am here, and it’s day 25 The Japanese One, a bright painted vintage matchbox decorated with a paper geisha (which I have had in my collage box for about fifteen years always waiting for the perfect occasion), inside the drawer is decorated with scraps of a vintage map of Japan, some beautiful text from a Japanese interiors magazine and a string of pretty silk ribbon and origami paper bunting. Listed now in my little shop xIf you are just catching up with my matchbox challenge mayhem and wonder what It’s all about, here is the full post, and the remaining boxes, but basically all proceeds of these sales will be donated to Charity as fundraising for my Husbands entry to the London marathon this March x


  1. Sue says:

    Sounds like a lovely day. Did you visit my friends shop in Rye, Hunter Jones Vintage? I’m sure you’d love it.
    I’m loving your matchbox series, I think this one has to be my favourite.

  2. Jeska says:

    Hello Sue, is it the little shop down an alley way? If so, it was on our list, but it was closed :(

  3. Sue says:

    Yes I think it is down an alley way, I haven’t been lucky enough to visit it myself yet as I live in Leicester but hope to pop down in the summer. If you get to go at all say hi to the two Michaels from me.

  4. Jeska says:

    We went in on the very first day they opened and I fell in love with their little space, was sad it wasn’t open yesterday x

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