Hello! Hows your week going? Sorry I haven’t been around, but I have been locked in my workroom for two days, getting a head start on February project that you may wish to play along with? More about that later! For now I’ll be sharing the other things I’ve been doing, but using these beautiful photos by Amanda Pratt from her portfolio at Kate Ryan.Eating apples.Listening to my favourite songs.Trying on new clothes. Taking a bubble bath.Falling in love with Red again.Getting some use out of my paints and brushes.

And the thing I want to do today?  Make a feathered crown x

All images Amanda Pratt at Found via

3 Responses to “PHOTO MAGIC”

  1. Wonderful photographs, very inspiring! Much love, from England.

  2. Tamizn says:

    Yay to the feathered crown : )

  3. I’ll second the feather crown, and the striped top, and baskets of red apples.

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