Thanks so much for all your joy over the matchbox challenge, I am so excited to see what you will make! This weekend I am working at the Brighton Tattoo Convention, so I will say goodbye for now, leaving you with some of my favourite pictures from January (and one old one). See you Monday x

8 Responses to “AROUND HERE”

  1. Just found you today.Thanks for the fairy bread recipe.Sweet and simple.

  2. annechovie says:

    Don’t know how I’ve missed your blog until now. Just lovely! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Liza Saniefard says:

    Do I spy a plastic spoon in your teacup of warmth? No good Jeska! You dont want any heat activated chemicals to leech into your food.

  4. Jeska says:

    That Liza is a silver spoon! Is that bad too?! xxx

  5. Jay says:

    I have a pink paper lantern that I Just hung up thanks to you.
    The kitty looks sooo comfy :)

  6. Those biscuits look so sweet – such pretty pastels. And such a pretty plate.
    And love your cat, by the way. Beyond adorable.

  7. judith b. says:

    A festival of colour and light! Any idea where those lovely lavender pillows can be found?

  8. becca says:

    i loooove your blog so much…please tell me where those lanterns are from!!

    Becca x

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