Love love love this feathered ‘quilt’ wallpaper from Georgia Horton. I love the pink colour way, maybe my husband and I will have to have a bedroom each when we move and vote each night as to where we’ll stay? Or could we agree on grey?

7 Responses to “FEATHER YOUR NEST”

  1. Beautiful! I adore the colour! I’m sure you could talk your husband into the pink…or else get both and alternate.

    Gorgeous colours.

  2. Marie-Claire says:

    think you should agree on grey – its so cool!


  3. Ariane says:

    A little bit ‘black’ in the feathers of the swan… I’d choose grey!

  4. Love that grey wallpaper!

  5. On the grey you see the pattern much better.

  6. Peta says:

    Hi there can you please tell me where this wall paper is available to buy.

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