I have had a sparkly pink day, despite being out in a blustery, grey and wet town. So when I saw this sequinned, beaded gauze and silk flapper dress from Jigsaw, I knew whoever owned it must need a palace of a dressing room to go with it. This Ottelia Orchid wallpaper from Designers Guild has a faint metallic sheen on the pattern, perfect to bounce the light around a luxury walk in wardrobe, and for more subtle interior decorators, (as if you could be if you own a dress like this!?) Farrow and Ball’s colour card has some delicate or deep pinks.

Lipstick-Paul and Joe at ASOS, silk scarf-monsoon, Flapper dress-Jigsaw, embellished tapestry clutch bag-Monsoon, patent leather shoes-LK Bennett, Ottelia wallpaper-Designers Guild, Pink paint chart- Farrow and Ball.

All images linked above.


  1. Erin says:

    Oh my gosh! That dress is gorgeous! I’ve been watching Ken Burn’s Prohibition on PBS here in the States the last few nights, so I’ve got 1920s on the brain anyway. How perfect!

  2. How perfect! Pink is my new favourite…it’s utterly cheerful and perfect and timeless and sophisticated.
    That dress is completely divine.

  3. Tracy says:

    I have to have that dress. I am in awe!
    I love the Monsoon bag too and er, all of it!
    I also wondered if you had any more fab houses like the one you showed us a while back. I think it was a Hastings house and possibly the nicest I have ever seen? Did it go in a magazine yet? Sorry, I bet you get asked LOADS of questions all the time.
    Thanks for your sparkly blog. It is beautiful. xxx

  4. Jeska says:

    Hello Tracy, not in a magazine yet still in the organising stages, I am on the look out for new places to visit and have a few in mind, loads of stylish folk and interesting houses here, so watch this space!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Hello, I have just bought this dres – I love it! Could you please tell me what colour of lipstick you have shown here?

  6. Jeska says:

    Hi Cheryl lucky you! I am sure it is ‘Milk chocolate’ by Paul and Joe at ASOS on sale now :)

  7. katie says:

    would you be able to post a direct link to the gorgeous dress i cant find it anywhere and desperatly need it for a themed party!

  8. Jeska says:

    That was a direct link Katie, it must have sold out x

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