11 Responses to “THINGS I LIKED IN MAY”

  1. Oh, goodness! I just adore your collages and the stamped dates upon them. That really trips my trigger.

  2. Sam says:


  3. ruth says:

    i love the necklaces and date stamps!

  4. Laura says:

    Those folky cushions are a real treat. I haven’t seen a pincushion in an age, either. Lovely. And I’m off to Google Toast necklaces…

    You’ve inspired me to start tearing pictures out of magazines now!

  5. Sarah says:

    Can you tell me where that dress is from?

  6. Hi there Jeska!
    Ah, such a treat to see some of your record the day cards here :-) I’m so happy to see these as I loved your Record the Day blog … and like you, I spend far too many hours daydreaming over Toast products … roll on the sale, eh?
    Happy days to you,
    D x

  7. Jeska says:

    Sarah, the sequinned one? I’m afraid I don’t know, it was just styled in the room pictured sorry.

  8. ally says:

    oh I love seeing all these
    and with the old fashioned library date stamp too – perfectly lovely

  9. Sidney says:

    love these collages! what a great way to kind of scrapbook your thoughts chronologically. if it isn’t already, this should be a monthly post!

  10. moira says:

    Oh those are really lovely!
    do you remember by any chance where’s the kitchen from the last collage from?
    mint walls and plants, love that combination

  11. Kat says:

    Dreamy collages J, and the date stamp!…wish libraries still used those, loved that clicky stamping noise as the put the date inside the front of each book. Sometimes technology just ruins the little moments!
    Kat x

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