I’ve been hoarding up these pictures for a long time, I first saw Kristin Vestgårds beautiful pale world over at Brown paper and string and then was reminded whilst reading the Paper Mulberry earlier this year. I am sure I don’t need to explain why I completely adore all her paintings. The colours, the softness, the quietness. Just beautiful.

All images Kristin Vestgård via the Campden Gallery and Gulden Kunstverk

11 Responses to “BEAUTIFUL PALE WORLD”

  1. You find the best things!! I adore these x

  2. sofia says:

    yes Kristin’s world is so appealing, I love love it !

  3. Kathryn says:

    they are so beautiful. the third is my favourite.

  4. bianca says:

    Wow just visited her site and loved looking at all of her paintings, Thanks.

  5. Wow, these are insanely gorgeous! I could stare at her work all day long…

  6. I absolutely love these – thank you for sharing! I love the third one in particular.

  7. I feel like ever since I found your blog, I’ve been commenting almost every day! But the things you find are just AMAZING — this art is incredible!

  8. Jeska says:

    Thanks for coming by Melissa, I am glad you like it here, hows your dino mad little one? :)

    Her work is just so pretty isn’t it, I like to look at it often x

  9. sami says:

    these are gorgeous. pinning them now.


  10. victoria says:

    Wow! these are absolutely beautiful

  11. Laura says:

    I simply love your posts on artworks, you always find the best things.

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