Okay so the sun is out and shining brightly day after day, would you believe it. There’s blossom floating in the air and falling like confetti, people sitting on the grass in the park, families, couples, dog walkers. This week has be lovely, so here is my April survival guide.

I am trusting by now you have a favourite ‘go with everything’ cardigan, I have way too many. Easily the item of clothing I purchase most often (always fit, just chuck it on, cosy) so no need to post one here. but there is still a breeze so a big soft Scarf -All Saints, Pretty floral Dress -Joules to add colour whilst we are waiting for gardens to fully bloom, high heeled Shoes-LK Bennett as now it’s warm enough to go without socks, a soft slouchy bag-Topshop big enough to hold a pair of flats and that scarf if it gets too warm, then home for Tea-Ksumi’s green tea furled in rose blooms or Blend of black teas from China, Ceylon and India flavoured with natural essences of bergamot, citrus and flowers sound divine, all the better served in a Royal wedding mug- Sweet William and for all you folks without kittens destroying your homes a beautiful Monthly bouquet-Essential England popped in a simple vase-Red Lilly. Plus one Optional extra.

Hope you have a sunny weekend and a wonderful April.

13 Responses to “APRIL SURVIVAL GUIDE”

  1. Rose says:

    I want those LK Bennett shoes (well the open toe version) in every colour- I really wish I could love cheaper shoes but I seem to struggle

  2. I adore the colour of those shoes! And Essential English looks like an amazing flower company!!

    Have a great weekend, Jeska!

  3. Theresa says:

    Ohh my sister just bought these L.K. Bennett shoes when she went to London (she got them in red) and I was (ok … I AM) so jealous. They look lovely (also in real ;))

  4. Kat says:

    J, you always lay things out so beautifully.
    i like that kate and wills mug the best too out of the ones i’ve seen at john lewis….its surprising quite how many different designs there are avaliable isnt it!
    Wedding will be a fun day though, i’m looking forward to it on the tv.
    love kx

  5. Brittany says:

    This is the prettiest survival guide so far. I love the color of those pumps! I just bought some beads in that color for the new collection. Such a perfect blue. Also, the dress, scarf and bag are a great combination. You have a great eye, as usual! I hope it’s warming up for you over there :)

  6. Ooh, lovely post with such lovely things… especially that gorgeous scarf! And really looking forward to the Royal Wedding :)
    At {what you fancy} we have a handmade British jewellery giveaway! xx

  7. Sue says:

    I was eyeing up that All Saints scarf just the other day and how pretty are those tins….love them!

  8. Just stopped by as I see you are a new follower on my blog! So nice to have you along :) Your blog is a treasure-trove of prettiness and definitely a foil for the grim weather we’re having today in Manchester. So pleased to have found you! x

    PS. That scarf is amazing! I love All Saints!

  9. sally says:

    I like the colours, really spring like. I am also looking forward
    to watching the Royal Wedding. I am interested in seeing who has designed and made the dress and what flowers she will have.
    I hope she will be called Princess Kate or Princess Catherine. :o)

  10. Gosh those shoes are cute! Especially in a such a fresh colour.

    Also, Kusmi tea is wonderful.

    Yay for Spring!

  11. Jeska says:

    thanks for all the April joy, These shoes are breaking my heart!

  12. Jeska says:

    Don’t we all need a candy coloured pair of shoes for spring!

  13. That dress is so pretty! I could also use that bag ;)

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