Obviously when travelling I always keep my eyes peeled for any new bakery opportunity that should arise and Laguna beach was no exception, after browsing the lovely collection of home wares in Areo we happened to find Casey’s Cupcakes. A super sweet cupcake boutique surrounded by pink potted plants and bunches of pale balloons, with lots of mums and their kids queueing up for a sugary treat, after much deliberation I chose the White Russian Cupcake.

4 Responses to “PRETTY IN PINK”

  1. Manon says:

    Un beau rose gourmand chez toi,un turquoise chez moi.

    Bon weekend


  2. sally says:

    That bakery looks fab I could just eat one of those with my cup of tea now it’s 4.32 just about the right time. It would have to be
    the one you have pictured or the cinnamon one. Love the balloons and flowers.

  3. carole says:

    So pretty Jeska. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  4. girlontheave says:

    love the explosion of pink! could you share where you stayed in laguna beach? thank u:)

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