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A Sweet Scented SactuaryHello, Wednesday people! With my bathroom makeover still bottom of the to do list – I get my kicks by watching Kimberly’s renovation with anticipation and indulging with my favourite beauty products. Today I thought I would share some of the lovely things I can’t live without in my bathroom. These are all products I have and use at home, and they deserve better than sharing space with peach marble tiles and broken windows. Like me they also dream of one day being set down in a beautiful space – like the ones featured in this post!

Clarins pure melt cleansing gel – with Marula oil. This smells and feels divine and doesn’t sting my eyes when I am trying to dissolve three layers of mascara!

Dior Escale a Portofino a blend of Calabrian Bergamot, Italian Citron, Sicilian Petitgrain, Bitter Almond, Orange Blossom and Mediterranean Cypress essences – a refreshing citrus daytime scent that smells so lovely and clean.

Soap Smith Camden Town body butter melt – a seductive blend of coconut, bergamot and a hint of musk. It feels so good smoothed on to warm skin after a bath and I can’t explain just how melty it is!

Neom Cocooning candle - yesterday to cheer myself up, I  jumped in the hot tub, lit this candle and watched the clouds roll past the bathroom window. Letting the sweet smell of mandarin and jasmine melt away my woes. I have been taking part in the #NeomStressLessChallenge over the last couple of weeks and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The shock and stress of falling over at the station like an idiot, has not only left me with a painful internally bruised left hand – but also induced a bout of eczema on all my fingers. So staying calm to help it all heal is a must!Luxury Rose Geranium Bath SaltsNeom Real Luxury organic body scrub – this big pot of organic scratchy sugary goodness is still going strong. I love to use it in the evening when the lavender scent calms me before sleep.

Soapsmith Limehouse handmade soap – this one belongs to the man. I pinch it every now and then, the zesty lemongrass and limes smell so good and put a spring in my step on early mornings.

Zara Home Dark Amber handwash – a lovely smokey liquid soap that is a nice change from all the sweet floral or antibacterial hand washes out there, I always stock up when I’m passing their brighton store.

Lab Series Multi Action Face Wash – another one belonging to the husband but it really makes my face feel squeaky clean so I use it a couple of times a week.Luxury Rose Geranium Bath SaltsKissing Elixirs Cinnamint Fresh Breath Mist (wow that was a tongue twister) – love this all natural mouth freshener, so much better than chewing gum and eating sugary mints. Don’t know why it’s in the bathroom, I usually keep in in my bag.

Barr and Co Salve Balm – a gift from my friend Rose, this lovely balm is a great dry hand, elbow and heel saver, I slather it on at night and let it soak in while I sleep. The scent is milky oatmeal, vanilla and vetiver.

Tokyo Milk soap – any and all, they rarely get opened or used as the wrappers are just too pretty!

Last but not least – Parkminster Rose Geranium Bath Salts – the scent fills the whole house while I’m running a bath and real rose petals add a luxury sanctuary feel to a soak. Happy bathing! x

Bathroom images My first little placePaul Massey via Sanctuary and Country Living. You can find more bathroom inspiration images on my pinterest board here x


Bright Bazaar by Will TaylorColour is your friend – great words to remember! Today I am super excited to share some beautiful pages from the bright, colourful and most definitely fun new book – Bright Bazaar by Will Taylor. As a girl who is mostly fond of a grey and white palette, I do enjoy colour immensely and it often sneaks onto our rooms in the form of items that can be added and taken away. I have never committed to a bright colour on our walls and have been debating over wallpaper for years – there are so many colour and pattern choices we always end up without. After reading through the happy and bold pages of Will’s book I am getting braver with each leaf I turn. Bright Bazaar by Will TaylorPacked full of new images of real homes from all over the world, the lovely yellow edged pages make up four sections that guide and teach you – colour is your friend – colour cocktails – bringing colour home and useful resources. From fabulous first impressions with bright front doors to boldly patterned walls, each page has useful tips and secrets on colouring every corner of your home. I love this display of pretty clothes against the floral wallpaper in a Swedish summerhouse above, and below the cheerful print with bright bouquet and cushions add splashes of colour to a mainly white and simply furnished dining room.Bright Bazaar by Will TaylorWhether you are a colour maximalist, a white wall-er like me that prefers a moveable palette, or a collector that needs help curating your colourful things – there are new ideas and modern twists on classic style advice for everyone throughout the pages of Bright Bazaar. I am sure even the most die hard minimalist’s lips will be curving up at the edges at Will’s – make you smile style!

Bright Bazaar by Will Taylor is published by Jacqui Small and released on the 17th of April!


Blues NightJust lately our days have been so filled, I rarely sit still long enough to recount them, so I thought I would post some of the things I have been up to and places we have visited. A candlelit blues night with amazing food and even better company, that one of my oldest friends puts on in the winter months to keep us going until Spring truly settles in. Some days spent helping out in Butlers Emporium, keeping shop while Rose travels and helping her get the Etsy shop up and running.Blossom trees in bloomChasing blossom all around the county oohing and aahing at every pink, white, red and yellow bough with great joy. It is such a welcome sight after the cold damp winter we had.Curated-Art-wallCurating a wall of all our favourite pictures as they have been lying on shelves, and leaning against the walls for weeks. Some almost a year! Putting the final touches in our home office that is almost complete. Marvelling at nature more than usual and now I feel almost ready to call myself a gardener. I have kept many plants alive for a whole twelve months, relocating and salvaging green things from all around our front yard. Cultivating a mini oasis of potted alpines and shrubs.Plant Nursery in EtchinghamSpring days outStalking magnolias all around the Old Town and moving lamps from surface to surface, I like to adjust the layout of everything in each room most days, it makes me happy.Plant Nursery in EtchinghamFriday afternoon I ran like a mad woman to catch the fast train to London. I tripped and fell up the station stairs and crushed my hand underneath me. After a lot of sobbing a doctor looked it over and declared it wasn’t broken – just swollen, bruised and quite unsightly. I could move all my fingers so hopefully it’s just a painful sprain. I was hoping to make paper flowers with Tiffany Grant Riley at her West Elm workshop on Saturday. With a hand that was as grippy as a penguin wing I had to watch from the sidelines, it was a little bit torturous not being able to take part but as it turned out my friend Judith was a star pupil!Spring Bouquet Honey SuckleWe spent Sunday at a boot fair and shifted some bits and pieces, so our attic is a roomier space for now. Then in the afternoon we drove out to Etchingham and visited a magical place – King Johns Nursery and garden. A plant nursery, shop, and beautiful garden surrounding a Grade II listed Jacobean manor house. We wandered through a meadow with fritillary popping their heads above the grass, in amongst ancient apple trees and sat a while by the wild pond watching the insects and listening to the birds. Plant Nursery in EtchinghamPeeking behind two giant old wooden doors we saw all the baby plants waiting to make their way into the nursery and then on to new homes. This is a beautiful place unlike any other garden centre I have visited, no regimented lines of pots here, more like a garden that has taken on a life of it’s own, tumbling vines and ancient roses, a 40 year old money tree and exotic things that smell of peanut butter and lemon.

I cannot wait to go back on May the 25th when we will be selling handmade gifts and home wares at a vintage fair that is being held in the grounds. I will keep you updated on that!Plant Nursery in Etchingham


Geranium Fabric and floral DressHappy Friday to you, the weekend is almost upon us and I have been enjoying our home and garden under rays of glorious sunshine these past few days. With some favourite items from the new Laura Ashley Spring collection, I have filled my home and garden with fresh florals and created a shaded reading spot under our beautiful apple tree. You can see the full post and makeover pics over on the Laura Ashley blog.Peony Fairy Light GarlandI have been busy painting my world with Spring colours indoors and out using geraniums, disty florals, flashes of pink and probably the cutes pair of canvas shoes you will see this year! Floral lace up shoesGeranium Printed FabricPretty Straw Clutch BagI love the little tag that comes on this straw clutch bag, explaining that it is a vintage print from the Laura Ashley Archives xFlorals by Laura AshleyFind all the items I love here – Ditsy Rose Print Dress, Straw Floral Trim Clutch Bag, PeonyString Lights, Rose Print Canvas Trainers and Geranuim Curtain Fabric  x


Easter Decorating and Parties A little bit of Easter inspired fun today, pastel colours and pretty decorations for Spring parties and outdoor gatherings. Invite your friends over for egg hunts and garden picnics, paint your fingers and toes with sugared almond coloured polish or snuggle up with a bunny cushion. You can find all these lovely things and more over on the new collection Spring Fiesta I created for eBay’s Spring campaign. I love putting these boards together, and if you like them too, you can follow the collection for more candy coloured joy updates.


Best Etsy ShopsAs our bathroom is the last room on the renovation list I am always looking for lovely bath time products to take my mind off the 90′s peach marbled tiles and claustrophobic shower cubicle that reside in there for now. These lovelies can all be found on my curated Etsy Page Bathing Beauty.

Clockwise from top left - Organic Pink Clay Floral Facial Mask 100% Natural and Vegan – Herbivore Botanicals, Natural Lip Scrub, Lip Balm Gift Set – Winsome Green, Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub cubes – Oh Yum and Rose Petal and Garden Sage Relaxing and Romantic Epsom and Sea Bath Salts – Kyra Botanica.


4 of the best wallpapersI am totally fine knowing I’ll probably never have wallpapered walls – I simply cannot choose just one. Obsessing over pattern choices has been a regular feature on Lobster and Swan over the years, so today I am just sharing the five amazing wallpaper prints that have been frying my brain over the last few months. Some old, some new, starting from above –  Swan Lake by Nina Campbell – for obvious reasons and I am totally taken with the yellow colour way.4 of the best wallpapersOctavia by Designers Guild subtle colours combined to create a hand oilpainted feel, pretty but bold, oldfashioned but not.4 of the best wallpapersManila by Sanderson a total wild card for me – but I love the stylised leaf design, it feels fresh and tropical and I especially like it in the crazy turquoise colour way! 4 of the best wallpapersHouse of HackneyMidnight Garden (dark) and Peoneden (citrine) both by House of Hackeney, vintage style grandeur with a luxury feel - ’prints that are steeped in tradition but are bold and non conformist for a modern statement’. Any of these take your fancy? If I could house them all it wouldn’t that be great – behold the crazy house of pattern!

Bathroom image (top) via Natalie Clayman, all other images from links above.


Bedroom PlantsI hope you liked Tuesdays book? Today I return with a little bedroom update. Happy with our plain and crumpled linen bedding, it wasn’t until I slipped in between the luxurious layers of cotton sateen that I realised that sleep could be even better. The nice peeps at Christy asked me to try out one of the lovely bedding sets from their new collection and thinking our plain room could do with an injection of pattern, I happily agreed.Bedroom MakeoverThis is to remain a more masculine space so I let the husband decide (I’m nice like that) and he loved all the greys and the painterly pattern on this ‘Watercolour‘ design, so we went for that mixed with some plain dye pillow cases and textured covers for our square pillows. When it all arrived I started building the layers of what I call a magazine bed. Bedroom MakeoverHaving such nice covers makes me want to keep the bed tidy – yes I am one of those people who can walk away from an unmade bed without a second thought, life’s too short no? – But the neat freak of our house will greatly appreciate the news that I am inspired to keep the bed looking all swish and interior magazine like, with this new set.Tabby CatI think he really chose this design because it matched our Wallis cat, what do you think? It does work well at camouflaging the kitty fur, so that is an unexpected bonus! I love the splashes of ochre yellow and it is so super soft I am now lingering longer than I should in the mornings.Plants for a bedroomThe different greys, black, white and yellow are picked out in the other pieces of furniture, artwork and plants around our bedroom. We are so happy and tranquil in this space, I was unsure of adding a pattern and as I said we usually stay safe sticking to plain linens. Spring has been so inspiring this year that staying safe is out of the window, I feel more inspired than I have for years and am going to try as many new things as I can! xBedroom MakeoverBedroom Makeover


Hanging Baskets by House GardenerHello and happy midweek, I am back with images from a lovely new book for you. We have been garden owners for one whole year on the 5th of April. With a bit more outdoor space than were aiming for - The Balcony Gardener – Isabelle Palmer has been a great inspiration as we’ve tackled balcony sized areas at a time. The arrival of such a beautiful Spring this year meant we are keen to get back out there and carry on, but over the cold months we have with much joy become indoor gardeners too.The House Gardener Book Out NowIn her new book – The House Gardener – Isabelle brings her small-space gardening charm to our interiors, with unusual containers and innovative ways to display your houseplants, inspiration for living with plants and ideas for indoor growing. The House Gardener is full of inspiration and easy to grasp knowledge and projects – which is great if you are like me (I was once a notorious killer of all things green and fear the return of this murderous streak) – this book will keep me in check. If you are a friend to all things nature than it will surely give you some fresh ideas of how to add more plants in to your home.Bathroom Plants - The House GardenerMy favourite images from the book are the bathroom ideas above, plants really can add a calming or slightly wild – bathing in a jungle – element to a soak and I will definitely be finding ways to add some ferny leafy goodness to ours. With the House Gardener – Isabelle brings a fresh twist to gardening indoors and within the pages you will find instructions on how to create indoor water gardens, terrariums, table decorations, fairy-tale gardens for children, and even a miniature Zen garden! Plus a lot of sound advice on planting techniques, choosing plants and caring for them. So whether you are new like us or have super green thumbs this is a lovely and inspiring book.Fire Place Plants The House GardenerThe House Gardener Book Out NowThe House Gardener by Isabelle Palmer is published by CICO Books and is available from rylandpeters.com


Etsy Artist Round UpBe A Good Girl and The Smallest Oceans by Danielle of Girl and Parrot. New prints I have bought for my studio. Love the brush marks and the pretty colours in the darkness. Now we are off on a road trip for some more finishing touches for the room that I will share with you soon! Have a lovely Friday x

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